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ShareSmart began as a platform designed to navigate the diverse and niche needs of the Canadian healthcare system but quickly evolved to meet the needs of the global healthcare systems. ShareSmart is a secure, health communication platform that facilitates real-time collaboration and consultation among healthcare professionals and patients with a team dedicated to continual improvement to the platform’s functionality and experience. 

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ShareSmart team worked diligently to expand the platform to enable healthcare professionals to offer virtual health consultations. With the added benefit of secure messaging and secure cloud storage, hospitals, clinics and professionals have virtualized their practices to offer modern, safe solutions to their patients. 

We are an active part of the healthcare community and contribute to discussions taking place globally. 

Our team

Photo of Rena Tabata
Through a patient-centered and practical clinical operational lens, Rena oversees business development, investor relations and strategy development for the company.
Ron is an expert-level developer and entrepreneur. He has 15+ years of development expertise in building large scale enterprise systems, with 10+ years in web-based systems.
FRCSC Clinical Director
Justin is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon who provides academic rigor to corporate strategy and leads design thinking for product development. Justin is also a subject matter expert in health information privacy standards, digital professionalism and integrative technologies for medicine.
Director & Corporate Secretary
Robert is a celebrated legal professional having successfully assisted both private and public companies navigate capital markets, securities and health information privacy legislation. Called to the bar in NY and in BC, he oversees legal strategy for the company.
VP Finance
Elaine is a finance professional who leads budgeting, auditing, reporting, and technology licensing.
Special Counsel
Veronica lends years of experience working for large corporations to lead health information privacy strategy, enterprise licensing, and business development in eastern Canada and Europe.
FRCSC Clinical advisor
Demetrios is a board-certified, francophone plastic surgeon that oversees adoption of ShareSmart in Europe and eastern Canada.

vp marketing
Andy leads ShareSmart's sales and marketing team, leveraging his varied experience in medical and dental equipment and technology sales to develop relationships with healthcare procurement leaders.
customer success lead
Jonathan is an experienced educator who provides product and account support to institutional partners. Jonathan also serves as the business and technical team liaison for product development and HR projects.
Global privacy advisor
Samson shares his knowledge in global tech privacy expertise, informing enterprise cybersecurity strategy, privacy literacy advocacy, and stakeholder engagement.

marketing coordinator
Heba leads the execution of marketing, sales and customer engagement strategy.

business development lead
Makenzie has a background in advocacy and policy development and is skilled at converging healthcare, technology, and business. She creates long-term value for ShareSmart though strategic initiatives and partnerships.  

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