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ShareSmart provides secure, reliable and collaborative solutions with a focus on patient care through simple communication tools to streamlining your practice. Provide secure, video e-consultations to patients.

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Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Putting privacy first, we are compliant with many privacy authorities and with legislation in many countries including Canada, the EU, and the USA to name a few. 

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Nurses, doctors, administrators, allied health professionals, and patients agree that ShareSmart is a straight-forward solution to the complex and ever-changing world of healthcare. 

Increased Revenue
Increased Revenue

Clinics who have implemented ShareSmart have experienced up to a 34% increase in revenue, 23% increase in productivity and a 19% increase in referrals.


We keep you organized so you can refer back to patient information as needed. ShareSmart makes the process of clinical preparation, data compilation and administration, efficient.

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made for you

ShareSmart understands the intricate needs of healthcare professionals. We surpass expectations across medical, dental, allied health, and administrative fields as they relate to virtual health solutions.

Seamless connection between mobile and desktop platforms.

Managing patient records and photos is easier and safer than ever. Using ShareSmart, you can access patient information securely from any device for on-demand information.

Start your virtual practice today. Increase revenue and decrease overhead by using ShareSmart’s flexible solutions designed to help you work faster and easier.

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Loved by more than 55,000 Healthcare providers and their patients in over 70 countries.

With thousands of professionals all around the world using ShareSmart collaborating with colleagues is quick, reliable, and secure. Expand your pipeline of referrals with best-in-class connectivity for maximum compensation of your time.

Professionals enjoy that ShareSmart is designed with current clinical workflows in mind. And patients appreciate the familiar look and feel. It all starts from the moment a patient is referred, triaged by the administrative or clinical team, and an e-consult is scheduled, all the way through to the virtual waiting room, secure video consultations, follow-up and billing. 

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Feel safe with NorthCloud,
top-tier secure cloud storage.

Gone are the days of privacy breaches, hefty fines and reputation damage. ShareSmart stores data in the most secure cloud service designed for healthcare information. ShareSmart and NorthCloud are not only approved by privacy authorities, but compliant with privacy legislation around the world including, but not limited to: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Canadian Medical Association’s smartphone use guidelines.

NorthCloud is built to provide top-tier data storage with over 30 safeguards within its proprietary security framework. Only you can access your data, as NorthCloud secures all patient photos and information, and logs all file access history.

Using ShareSmart’s mobile app, patient photography is completely segregated from the photos on your device. NorthCloud encrypts and transfers the photo, with time-stamped patient consent to secure servers where you can access them at any time, on any device. 

Most importantly, NorthCloud’s servers are physically secured in each region and fully comply with healthcare information and privacy regulations. NorthCloud’s design and maintenance is the most rigorous of its kind and is configurable to suit data sovereignty requirements to ensure your data is stored where you specify.

Keep your data safe with ShareSmart.
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Excel in

Educators, learners and researchers rely on ShareSmart to keep their teams communicating. When medical students, residents and fellows are provided access to a communication app that is reliable and accessible, learning is enhanced. ShareSmart can be used to provide exposure to patient cases that will enrich learning and help prepare students for licensing and practice. Data collection using ShareSmart ensures organization and compliance with ethics obligations for researchers.

Keep learning and teaching safely with ShareSmart’s solutions.

Experts in

 ShareSmart understands the nuances of hospital, clinical and allied healthcare. Our solutions come with higher accessibility and security customization for the diverse needs of healthcare professionals. Consent management features give patients peace of mind knowing their information is kept safe. 

ShareSmart wants to bring your practice online where your patients are waiting for you. 

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