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Mobile Security: To Message Or Not To Message?

Published on Forbes | May 24, 2019, 08:00am

It's now easier than ever to communicate with friends, family and colleagues all around the world, but how often do we stop and think about how our security is affected?

Launching an e-clinic to serve your patients during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

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You do not have to invest in complicated or bespoke technology to launch an e-clinic in order to serve your patients virtually. It's really as easy as 1-2-3.

An e-consultation fee-code cheat sheet for Alberta-based healthcare workers.

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Telephone-based consults are not always the most productive. In medicine, photographs are valuable sources of information, and enables each health worker to make an original assessment of a patient condition.

An e-consultation fee-code cheat sheet for Ontario-based healthcare workers.

Tejinder Sandhu Director of IT and Biomedical Engineering, West Park Healthcare Center

We discovered that [ShareSmart] gave frontline staff and physicians a new way of communicating sensitive information between one another through a mobile device while remaining...


How To Prevent The iPatient

Published on Forbes | Apr 15, 2019, 07:30am EST

The goal of all digital medicine should be to extend human capacity, automate routine tasks and give clinicians more time to do things computers can’t.

How 3D Printing Affects Clinical Photography

Published on Forbes | Feb 13, 2019, 07:15am EST

More doctors are carrying smartphones and using them to share patient information. Here's how to do it securely.

The Dawn of the Healthcare Revolution?

Published on Forbes | Nov 7, 2018, 07:15am EST

The cost of health services are soaring, the quality is inconsistent, and the system is routinely failing patients. How can our health systems change to provide better care for more people, more cost effectively?


Food As Medicine: What Biochemistry And Genetics Are Teaching Us About How To Eat Right

Published on Forbes | Oct 9, 2019, 09:00am EST

Scientists now understand that genes set the baseline for how your body can function, but nutrition modifies the extent to which each gene is expressed.

How Blockchain Is Transforming Health Care

Published on Forbes | Nov 7, 2018, 07:15am EST

Blockchain has the potential to democratize electronic health information.  

The Lethal Sales Script. For Doctors.

Coming soon.

What they didn't teach you during medical school, residency, and even your fellowship will hurt you. You'd be in the minority if you have clinic operations working like gangbusters. Don't fret. Here's some help.

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